just another soul for sale (feverishly) wrote in britneyfans2002,
just another soul for sale

Britney Spears Theme



Some are bases, some are text. All are customizable. I will customize when asked to; please do not have someone else customize them or do them yourselves. When using, please credit GunshotMelody//Nichoel in keywords. Upload to your own server.
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i love the 1rst one wanted to no if u can add babii_piink on it
I love Britney and always talk about her in my LJ. add me!
The more you stupid tards buy Britney Spears crap, the worse music gets and the more soulless the music industry will become. Tell me, do any of you play any instruments? No. That's what I thought. Go learn guitar and stop telling me what music is good. Cocksuckers.
well you need to shut your fuckin mouth!! just cus people like britney in stead of your ugly ass by the look of that icon im guessing you dont get many girlfriends. ooo yah and i guess you play an intrument right?? and i dont see your ass all over t.v. since you were like 10. NO!! thats because your nobody!! so think before you speak
shouldn't of --------> shouldn't have
in stead ----------> instead
intrument ---------> instrument
dont ---------> don't
your -------> you're

How about you think before you speak.

P.S. That icon is of my left eye. You can't assume anything from that, you just decided to attack my appearance because you can't disprove what I'm saying. Yes, you are correct, I play keyboards and drums. That's how I can tell what constitutes good music. And no, I haven't been all over T.V. because I'm not a money-grubbing whore who's folks are willing to sacrifice her childhood so she can be a big MTV star and sell lots of albums to make her and her parents rich fucks.
Took this one title or description


i took a couple ;; i was just wondering if i gave you a picture if you could add friends only on it for me or just tell me how ?? .. thanx much luve x0ox <33 desirae *Lee